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The first thing I do is inspect the package of the OOAK doll before I open it. I look to see if any stray hairs are stuck in the seal. If it is I cut through the seal with my scissors to open the package. I then get a small box, like a shoebox and place the hair in it. I cut the skein at one place and remove the bands. I place the hair in the box and pull a small amount out from the edge. From there I will let my reroot instructions take over.  I  use a  5” doll needle. I take about 6-8 strands, cut the ends even with a good pair of small scissors; I moisten the ends and thread them. Use a very good light to sit by and I also wear stronger glasses that I buy at the drug store. I hope this helps you get started. Ask me any questions that puzzle you.

There are many ways to reroot but this is the easiest way, especially for beginners.  Start off by cutting the existing hair as close as possible, being careful not to snip the vinyl head. Then I take a pair of tweezers (I use the little tweezers with handles or you can use needlenose plyers) and inside the head pull out all the extra hair until she has none showing where you want to reroot. 

I use doll a doll needle and thread about 6-10 strands of hair through the needle’s eye. I start on the outside of the head and down through the neck. I then cut the strands from the needle and knot it. I knot it by using a loop and pulling it through. A word of caution, too much hair per plug will make your doll turn out like a troll doll, too much is not better. Here is a picture of the knot I use.

Snip the extra hair off, but not too close to the knot.
Now pull the strands up until the knot is up against the top of the head.

You just repeat this process until all the holes are filled.

I use clips to keep the hair out of the way. I don't cut the hair until I am completely finished. 

Rerooting doll hair gets easy after you do it for a short time. 

Be brave and give it a try. Several words of caution, do not be in a hurry, use a good light, sometimes you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to get the needle out, and I use as many as 4 needles to do some heads. If you can do simple crafts you can do this. 
How to do a boil perm
Wet the hair to make it easier to work with. Use small perm rods or the smallest curlers you can find. The smaller the curler, the tighter the curl will be. You can also use plastic straws of different sizes and kept in place by straight pins into the head. Ouch!

Boil some water and when it comes to a boil, remove the water from the heat (I pour it into a bowl) and immerse the doll's head for about 10 seconds. Be careful not to burn yourself and do not use microwave water! 
Carefully blot the excess water out of the hair with a towel. Leave the hair to dry overnight then remove the rollers very carefully.
The hair will be as soft and silky as it was before the perm. Now you can style it as you wish.

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Easy Guide to Boiled Perm and
Rerooting Doll Hair

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