Fashion Clothing Display Boxes

Reproduction Fashion Clothing Display Boxes.
We have two different box sizes currently available on our Product Catalog.
Medium boxes measure 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches:
Medium kit of 5 boxes($10.50)
Medium kit of 10 boxes($19.95)
The large boxes measure 13 inches by 10 inches:
Large kit of 5($10.95)
Large kit of 10($21.50)
Display Box Combo:
5 Medium & 5 Large kit($20.95)
Both sizes are approximate and are close to original sizes. Each kit consists of 5 or 10 boxes, 2 background colors per box, and a cellophane wrapper.
Our boxes are the correct color, stripe width, and close to original sizes. The originals had four different background colors. We included two of these background colors with our kit. The bright pastel yellow and pastel sky blue. Also correct was the pastel green and a bright pink similar to the box color. We all wished we had saved our boxes from our vintage fashions. That just didn't happen. As a result, we all have more fashions than dolls to put them on. We think this is a great way to display your fashions with your dolls.
The finishing touch is the cellophane wrapper that makes it look like you have never opened the box.


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