Doll Flocking and Kits - Barbie Size Dolls


Doll Flocking can be used for a perfect match restore of Ken or other Barbie size flocked dolls. (.030 Length)

Please note that GI Joes original flocking has longer .080 fibers than our Barbie doll size flocking, but the colors we carry match perfectly. Also works great for shorter facial hair on larger dolls. See our GI Joe flocking section for larger dolls.

If your doll has been play with, we all know he has rubs and scrapes in his hair. Looks like male pattern baldness wherever his head has touched anything. We carry 40+ colors of flocking to touch up or completely change hair colors.

There is enough flocking in each jar to reflock several dolls. We also sell glue and brushes in our complete reflocking kits.